Monday, 14 June 2010

Deploy! Deploy!!

Hi! S'been a while hasn't it?

Here's the recap: I got an intense job, and couldn't play for 1 1/2 years. Why am I back? Well because I just hate leaving things unfinished. Time to dust off the old Taj, polish the faithful Kraken, and count my Arrows, Jkun's back - back again!

...and this time on Slyph, thanks to the server merges! Sounds like an STD. No HNMLS, no events, just me, my automaton, and a whole new adventure. So, first port of call? Some new gear. Gear is always nice. Especially if it can convert a friendly, street performing PUP...

...into a gimp-mask wearing, spiky bringer of death. The Shikkoku set is outfitted with Undead+ Evoliths, because I hate fighting them the most, and want them to die ASAP, thanks.

So, next up, report to Aphmau. I bet she missed me. Even I would miss me. God damnit, look at that sexy armor. Ovjang is pretty much creaming her little puppet pants.

...And what do you know, this fucker right here is up to his nasty old tricks again. Ripping open time and space, fucking around with Halvung, this shit just never ends with you Odin, does it? Looks like I'll just have to occasionally take care of you 2-8 times once again.

IF IT WASN'T FOR THIS FUCKER RIGHT HERE. Yeah, that's right, can't get to Odin unless you bring Yoyoroon here a proper talisman. Shame half of them are DUDS. Stupid pointless drawn-out quest. Go take your teahouse cakes and shove them up your ass.

Confectionery and feces aside, I did find a pretty good solo exp/skillup location in Dvucca so it wasn't all that bad. RDM Fomor seriously can't hit me for shit, hahaha! ...MNKs can though.

So 600 talismans later, I got to fight Odin. Oh my god. This scene wasn't gay AT ALL. Jkun, as usual, just doesn't give a shit. He's seen much worse things than giant, flying horses and masked men with penis-shaped polearms.

One hour of preparation and a 2 minute battle later, I got my reward. He also drops a nifty earring and torque, so looks like I'll have so succumb to Yoyoroon's trolling a few more times. This cape, is a 100%, full-time PUP item. Because Pantin Cape doesn't exist.

Uh oh. Looks like the server merge brought some...unwanted dis-figurations. Rebme became a chocochick, then a Goblin, before finally returning to her old ugly self. I owe a lot of this entry to Rebme, she's helped me an absolute ton over the last week, and without her daily camps and Treasure Hunter, I would have quit again within a day or two. Thank you!

SYNERGY: It sucks. However, Synergy with lots of people is fun. Shame the only really great items you can get from it at the moment are so strange. Like a R.Att+ Hellfire, or a...

Awesomesauce smock! I hated the yellow + blue combination on my woodworking gear. This smock keeps it more classy than Street Fighter's Dudley. And that, my son, is fuckin' classy.

Synergy helped me with that Shikkoku set I showed off earlier. It meant spending a while farming Evoliths, but now that's over, until an update, then it's back to square one. Such is life.

Huwasi and Calcabrina, two of the easiest NMs I hunted for Evoliths. I didn't hunt them because they were easy. I hunted them because they had good stats - honest!

Campaign also showed it's ugly face again as I naturally ranked down! Sweat, blood, and lots of Reraises later, I got to the rank of Medals, netting me an Allied Ring, and this:

But why? Why are you exping so much, Jkun? That's simple. There's going to a be a level cap increase! Which means Subjobs are going to become even more important. I spent all of Saturday getting NIN, WAR, THF, DNC, DRG and SAM to level 40 from 37. The best party I had was a Japanese one at noon. It was amazing.

So, the subs are ready for level 80. The gear? Almost there. What about weapons? Well, now there's loads to choose from! The most interesting (and powerful) ones require trials to complete, and these, such as everything in FFXI, can take months. They require you to kill certain NMs/mobs within certain conditions or time frames, and upgrade the weapon through many stages. Here's what I've achieved so far, though 90% of the credit goes to Rebme!!

Tumbling Truffle: Caked.

Helldiver: Sunk

Ramponneau: Frogged.

Orctrap: Snapped.

Bugbear Strongman: K.O'd

Ah Puch: Pucked.


...but I'm pretty sure there was 3 or 4 other NMs here. Until I killed them. Hurr.

Now to start their VNM paths. Only the hardest enemies are left, I can't give up now!

As always, an entry can't be completed without a little socialness, let the text flow:

Reb's mule sucks.

...unless he's a loli mithra.

Yuuzuki is a longtime Slumber fan, and now seems to be attached to my leg. Her LSs, Rising Phoenix and Booomfafny are where I spend most of my time these days. Who wouldn't love an all-girl german LS? Also, my old mule used to be called Yuuzu. Creepy. 

Haters gonna hate.

No Endgame has opened up many new paths for me to take. I'm a sort of mercenary who can jump from LS to LS, helping out at certain events, and leech along with some Dynamis. Hopefully once the level cap is raised, it'll be possible to do things with smaller groups! I've met some old and and some new friends, so I think it's time to keep expanding ...who knows whose Mog House I'll end up in next?!

See you at level 80!