Wednesday, 16 June 2010

How Sweet!

  • Rebme got my THF from level 40 to 48, and DRG from 40 to 44 while I was at work! Thank you so so much D:! Campaign Ops helped walk the extra mile for THF 49, so I never have to touch it again. Thank fuck. DRG > WAR > SAM > DNC > NIN is the order of subs I'll take to 49. They're kinda in order of shittiest to most fun. DNC and NIN should get lots of invites in future once the cap gets raised more, so that's why they're last on my list.
  • In other news, I should be done with Hovering Hotpot soon, if the 5 hour+ lottery fucker ever spawns, then it's VNMs for lyfe until I have a proper pair of Mantis and Ultimatum, woo!
  • Dark Magic Skill is now FINALLY at level 8 and capped thanks to Nyzul Isle and afking during Hovering Hotpot, which has now netted me 8k Merit Points overnight from 23 exp yeilding skeletons. Fucking win. This puts me at 317 Dark Magic Skill with gear. I could probably hit 320 if I tried really hard, but it's not worth the money at the moment.
  • Lastly, Happy Birthday to Yuuzuki, who had a little Mog House party last night. No doubt there will be pictures up soon on her blog.

    There was a stripper involved.

    he was sexy.