Thursday, 17 June 2010

Update Details - June 17th 2010

Job Ability Additions:

Nether Void (DRK Lv.78 Ability Delay: 5 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.) Increases the absorption of your next dark magic spell.
Double Shot (RNG Lv.79 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 90 sec.) Occasionally uses two units of ammunition to deal double damage.
Tactical Switch (PUP Lv.79 Ability Delay: 3 min.) Swaps TP of master and automaton.

Support Job Changes:

- The level requirement for the samurai ability "Sekkanoki" will be reduced from 60 to 40.
- The ranger ability "Shadowbind" will receive a penalty to accuracy.
- The ninja abilities "Innin" and "Yonin" will be unavailable.

Job Trait Additions:

Tactical Guard (PUP Lv.80) Grants bonus TP when guarding against an attack.
Stout Servant (PUP Lv.78) Reduces damage taken by pet.
True Shot (RNG Lv.78) Grants a damage bonus to ranged attacks performed at an appropriate distance.
Conserve TP (RNG Lv.80) Occasionally cuts down TP cost of weapon skills.
Occult Acumen (DRK Lv.45) Grants bonus TP when dealing damage with elemental or dark magic.
Resist Amnesia (PUP Lv.15) Gives you a slight resistance against amnesia.

Spell Additions:

Aspir II: DRK Lv.78
Stone III: DRK Lv.76
Water III: DRK Lv.80

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