Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Long Trek I

I've successfully moved back home to Scotland before I set off for Japan on the 31st. All my packing is going to remain packed as am I am only taking over the essentials.

My laptop ha been my little gateway to FFXI for the last week or so, but it doesn't allow me to take screenshots. :( Here's a summary of what has happened!
  • 1/18 Goaftrap - Altdof's Earring
  • 1/20 Goblintrap - Wielhelm's Earring
  • NIN and WHM to 49!
  • DRK to 80!
  • Lots of Besieged!
  • Lots of skillups!
  • Lots of kicking Zophar's arse!
Take care!