Friday, 23 July 2010

The Long Trek II


So yeah, Mantis' pre-80 Damage stage is complete!

Mucho kudos to Rebme, E100 and Zophar. 2-and-a-half manning Farruca Fly was great fun. After a few trials runs we managed to knuckle down our positioning tactics and everything went smoothly. These tactics included "Stop fucking putting it near E100", "Take off Crow Legs so you can tank, idiot", and "...or just have Zoph tank".

Very easy fight with a semi-evasion build DNC and full-evasion build PUP. He even put out!

Then Rebme decided she hadn't murdered enough Sarutabaruta wildlife and proceeded to whack some toads. What a bitch.

After a tiny maint, and the fact that shitty Spurrer Beret NM never pops...

Ahem. I popped over to Sandy to check out how Blaize was doing on his DRG Polearm trials. Look who appeared underground!

But let's keep to tradition! What could be more traditional than this bonnie wee bairn richt here!

"Fair ye weel ya canny we beastie. Ah winnae dae ye any herm. Just pop yer skin oot o' yer back, and gies it tae us, 'erm fer an 'erm!" - Jamesie Burns


And finishing on that little outburst of Scottish pride, stay tuned for a couple more updates before I leave, where I'll go into detail as to why I look like a complete tool while fighting Farruca!

See you again!