Saturday, 3 July 2010


Is it magpies that steal lots of shiney stuff? Yeah? Oh, okay.

As my placement in Japan grows closer, my time in Vanadiel is becoming limited day by day. I've been working quite hard to get some new gear. Some of it is quite minimal, some of it is quite, well shiney. So, magpie mode: ON.

In order to get help, we've gotta give a little something back, eh? Toukakoukan and all that bullshit. You can't expect to get everything by yourself. Not in FFXI. So! I helped Zoph with CoP! It's my favorite expansion (or a very close second to ToAU) and the cutscenes are so nostalgic.

Now that the level cap was removed, every single one of these fights was a pushover.

These fights used to be a nightmare... with my good old Fenrir static wiping up to 10 times in one night. We were that bad ...ass.

Some things used to be impossible to do, like soloing map quests, or level 50 cap NMs.

Some things like setting foot in Sacrarium for those really gay panties was a challenge...

...and some things don't change.

I got to see some lovely sights during this time too. Places I had forgotten, like Tavnazia.

Yet after hitting 80 on PUP, I've been trying to get DRK up there too. I jumped from 75-78 in one party thanks to Tav, and these tangfastic new birdies. They're like Colibri, but, y'know, NOT DICKHEADS.

I also tried some of that new, low-man content we were promised! Like the Walk of Ech--

Yeah, no.

Sooooo, onto the shineys. After hitting DRK 76, I instantly got access to Infernal Scythe!

Darkness damage, big pincers that come out of the ground, and some really awesome startup frames, kinda like Cata. Shame it sucks shit. Next up, soon after hitting DRK77, an invite to Odin! Time for round 2!

Then after maintenance, I set up camp at everyone's favorite Roflesia, or as I liked to call her, "Bella-fucking-Donna, when ya gonner droppa~" Yeah fuck you too.

For the record, I went 1/12, hitting every pop for about, I dunno. A day. The time it did drop, I cheated apparently. You know, because asking Reb to bring TH4 is cheating in FFXI.

Totally cheating.

I think Slycer from Fenrir expressed my thoughts on this next drop perfectly: "I can't believe you still didn't have this".

When CDC did Sea on Fenrir, my best friend Fortei was levelling COR and really wanted this thing. I was first in line at PUP 75, his COR tailing behind at 67. You know, back when point systems actually worked. In the end, I passed.

Fortei got it, then soon quit. I've never regretted that moment, because that little Taru bastard gave me so much more than what this stupid torque is worth, and I'd drop it in an instant if it meant bringing him back. But that will never happen, and now, 3 years later, I've finally got my own. Gogo breaking the 300 cap on PUP, but more importantly, thinking of him when I wear it!

Not gay.

Next up, insert generic "Oh look I ranked up in Campaign but nobody cares because it's going to rank down again anyway" image. Derp.

I also sneaked into, uh, fully contributed to another Dynamis with DynaFFS in hope that I might get a throwaway PUP Cape. Alas, one did drop, but went to, y'know, and actual member, so I made away with these! I just need the feet now, then I can store the whole useless set!

Lastly, I finally managed to get my revenge on that no-good, rotten, corpse-dancing Taru;

Oh, and one more thing;