Thursday, 31 May 2012

Champion Of the Dawn

WARNING: This entry contains huge spoilers for Wing of the Goddess Missions!
Deal with it.

I order to not spoil anything related to Wings of the Goddess straight away, have a picture of a new NM called Thalassinoninon, an 8 legged adamantoise.

Next up, merits! I mentioned this in a previous entry, but unless I level a new job, I have finally capped all my merits. You can check them out in full to the left or through the FFXIAH link.

It'd be nice if my Great Sword skill wasn't still at 300 ...heh.

It's also FFXI's 10th Anniversary! Me and Rebme ran around the towns collecting all the stupid fliers and talked to every single stupid NPC to get the items. It took about a couple of nights and was extremely boring, but hey, at least we get ~10k gil out of it, right?

Also, since I was absent for the previous event, here is a Stinson-approved, suited-up Jkun:

Ladies, please. there is enough Elvaan to go around.

Ta-da! I did the level cap quest for Woodworking to hit 110, but I doubt I will level it that far. I also looked at all the new stuff the guild had to offer. After Rebme kindly let me borrow her Synergy (How hard is it to level this crap?), I managed to obtain one of these massive bastards:

So, with Mega Moglification: Woodworking, my smok, gloves and advanced support, I can come close to 110 skill anyway! Still, this kind of crafting seems absolutely dead now, I should get started on Synergy, huh!

Speaking about obtaining stuff, it's time for some more gear! Buckle up!

DRK Empyrean+2 4/5! Just need 2 more coins for the legs, all right! Thanks to random LS members like Alirra, Sirenne, Rebbers, and Loluded (who ironically died a lot) for the kills!

Okay, enough stalling. Let's talk about Wings of the Goddess.

SOMEONE IS PISSED. I would be too if some orange jester with a tin-can robot punched their way through my defenses and pounded my beastmen army into the ground, that's for sure.

For these last set of missions, two big battles awaited. One of which was a battle against the Spitewardens, and since Portia is a carbon copy of Rebme, decking her face to the ground was incredibly satisfying.


It was a hilariously fun fight at 99. Rebme was on Zophar, her TaruTaru mule that we used to enter, so beating down Spitewarden Zophar, or, heck, just Zophar in general was a goal I have wanted to achieve for years. Thank you for this opportunity, Altana.

Oh speaking of which, since we duo'd the final battle and beat it with mere seconds to spare (I know, pro right?) I couldn't take any screenshots. I did, however, get some pretty beautiful screenshots from the cutscenes before and after it though!

Cait is all like "Just hurry it up, man".

"Trust me, I have 2HP a tick Regen"

This or non-Shinryu Promathia are a toss up of coolest final boss ever.

So I have a new fetish, can you guess what it is? Yeah, it's face-squeezing.

Could it be, after 5 years I finally get closure from WoTG?!

Manly tears were shed!

Womanly tears were also shed.

And as the birds fly, a sense of accomplishment fills my heart.

...and a new Weaponskill earring fills my, uh, earlobe?

Thanks to Rebme and Zophar for helping with these last stretch of missions. Thanks to Aeyze and ED of Fairy for helping me with the middle section, and thanks to CDC of Fenrir for helping me with the the very beginning. 5 years, 3 servers, 1 expansion, lots of memories. It's finally over!

And now, to end on a joke.

Stay tuned for a new entry soon!