Monday, 25 June 2012

Politics, Racism, and Cid - Bastok Rank 10!

Now that Abyssea and Voidwatch have calmed down and I am back into the game, I decided to do a little house cleaning...

W-wait a sec, this isn't my Mog House! Who shifted all my stuff?! Oh, yeah, that's right, I switched over to the mechanically-advanced, bustling capital of Bastok and challenged myself to get Rank 10 in one sitting, on DRK.

Challenge accepted.

The first few missions were just so shit. The 2-3 BCNM though, oh boy, remember when this was hard? This is the only pic I took, because it was over in...

...Yeah, that. Coulda' been faster too but I went to the toilet when I entered, haha. Fun fact, my toilet is like 2 steps away from my bedroom. The more you know.

Naji and Ayame's relationship was kinda funny. To be honest, I liked the pacing of the Galka/Hume story arcs and they were a nice break from the ELITE MUST DESTROY ALL ORCS Elvaan of San D'Oria and the incredibly annoying SUMMONING MAGIC IS SO SERIOUS YOU GUYS OH SHIT Tarutaru of Windurst.

Up to 5-1. Repose actually landed on that Ancient Warrior to the right. DRK/WHM pro sleeper. Fuck Ice Spikes though.

5-1: Easy Mode. Only having to farm all the bullshit before collecting Magicite once per character is bliss. OKAY, RISE AND SHINE, SHADOW LORD!

Oh ho ho man he is piii~ssed. Or half-asleep. Or drunk (...on rage!)

So I totally forgot the Shadow Lord has 2 forms and grabbed some granola shortly after taking this screenshot, only to come back to a log full of him spamming that one AOE WS and Jkun crying at 230 HP. HOW. EMBARRASSING.

Still, getting to the fuckin' BCNM was more of an asspain than actually doing it. OKAY, 4 more Ranks to go!

The Wiki guides for this (and apparently all the missions from now on) were all "Sneak pull so you only have to fight one mob! Make sure the other ones depop before you kill it! Depops can take up to 3 mins!" and here is me killing the first mob in like 3 hits. I mean really, we are all Superman now or something.

Zeid tells Jkun the story of the Talekeeper. I actually enjoyed this story as it was easy to understand, explained a bunch of stuff behind Raogrimm/the Shadow Lord, and because I am a simpleton.

9-1. Salt of the Earth. Someone told me this was hard as shit and I would need help. DRK/BLM told me that person is just a nublet. I got hit maybe 3 times and sleep never resisted once.

Here we are, end of the line. Fighting the master swordsman who taught me the ways of the Dark Knight himself, Zeid! It was a gruesome battle. Volker ran in and took hate right as Zeid popped his Shadows of Rage. Two Catastrophes took care of each before I stunned Ground Strike and grabbed hate back in time to cure Volker.

I would by lying if I said this BCNM wasn't the reason I wanted to get Bastok Rank 10. Time for the killing blow!

And down he goes! But of course, like every NPC-based BCNM in this game, I was apparently holding back. Sigh. Sure, believe what you want Zeid. Asshole.

One last (thank CHRIST) trip back to the top floor of the Metalworks and ja-jan~! Rank 10!

A brand new Atma!

100k gil, an NPC-storable item, and the ability to switch nations back to San D'oria! What a reward!

Also, challenge completed. Total time: 9 hours 48 mins. 99DRK. What's your record I wonder?

Thanks for reading, see you next time!