Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Into the Blue

I haven't updated in weeks! Mainly because nothing interesting has been happening...! Also here, have a pic of Jkun and E100 that I put together yesterday.

Anyway, the last 2-3 weeks of FFXI have been spent skilling up...


For example, going back to old level 49 subjobs and recapping all their magic, weapons, and yes, even things such as Throwing and Shield. I have also completed those mundane trial Weapon Skill quests such as Steel Cyclone, Decimation, and Savage Blade. It's been quite a challenge, but I almost have every skill capped at level 99 for both DRK and PUP.

Apart from Guard and Parrying. Heh, those will take years.

...Or will they?

Today was the July 2012 Version Update! This update allows players to skill up both Guard and Parry without the actions taking place, kind of like how Evasion skills up, ie; really fucking fast.

There have been reports of Monks and Puppetmasters capping Guard in just 2-3 hours by supertanking Mandragoras in Abyssea. I can't wait to try it out after work! My Guard has been in the hundreds for years!

This means on both DRK and PUP, regardless of subjobs, everything will be capped and I will be content.

In one or two weeks there should be a flurry of screenshots here on the blog with loads of blue text, so look forward to it! I know I will!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fellowship of the Vimechue

V-Vimechue! I haven't seen you in y-years! When, uh, when was the last time we, um, chatted? Perhaps, 3? 4 years ago? 

G-good times right? Y-you were what, level 55? Always m-m-missing the enemy and running outta, um, MP real fast, r-remember?

What's that? Y-you want to fight me? You want to show me your t-true strength...?! You got s-s-stronger while I was away?!

Bring it on!

So I have been levelling up my adventuring fellow Vimechue, the overly concerned and sisterly-like Elvaan. I took her from level 55 to 75 in about a week, saving all my points to manually upgrade her gear. Check it out!

A great place to start was in Cape Terrigan. After coming here for Apocalypse trials I knew the area like the back of my hand. Not like it's a challenge being one big patch of sand wiht a few rocks in it and all.

At 63ish we moved to the Bohyada Tree, and I went into autopilot killing everything in sight while I watched Breaking Bad. This is always an amazing place to farm moss and elemental stones which sell incredibly fast on the AH! By now I had achieved my goal of giving Vimechue a complete makeover, minus some trousers.

Trousers are overrated.

Our last port of call, during the grind from level 70 to 75, was Moon! Oh the memories. This is where Jkun hit 75 too, on a golem! Past the Moongate is a great place to exp, even if you end up getting aggro most of the time. This is how Vimechue looks now, donning an adorable little Bison Jacket and a spade, because spades, like bow ties, are cool.

There's no new upgrades or items past level 75 so I never bothered taking her further, despite having a ton of points left over, and maximum fellowship bond. She hits pretty damn well on Fierce Attacker mode, and with her trusty shovel, which is actually a staff, we can make some nifty skillchains!

So yes, here's Vimechue. Say hello!

Look forward to the next update!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Late to the Party

Recently I have been really busy levelling up every job from 1 to 49, capping all their skills, and also thinking about taking another job to 99. This entry was meant to be updated mid-June, but I totally forgot about it!

tldr; I am hella lazy.

I bought the Vanacon 2011 DVD because it was JPONRY and since I live in Japan now, these things are dead easy and cheap to obtain. It came with a lovely colour book, beautiful DVD case, and this in-game item. What does it do?

First, it makes music notes fly all over the place during melee strikes, even if you miss! Accompanying these are a mix of random Mandragora sound effects. It is the cutest weapon ever. 

And secondly, it turns you and up to 5 other people in your party in a random Mandragora; a normal white one, a normal black one, a white Lycopodium, a black Lycopodium, a whites one with an orange (mikan) growing on its sprout, and of course, Chloris. Great for downtime during Voidwatch!

Speaking of which, I have been Voidwatching way too much! The final chapter of Voidwatch is now complete, and the pickup group I tried it with went 1/1 on the run. Quite a challenge with some pickups!

Foolish adventurer, you wish to defeat the almighty Provenance Watcher?!

Owowow ouch, okay, okay, you win.

Voidwatch: Promathia Chapter also complete!

One of the two bonus Voidwatch bosses, Ig-Alima, downed! Now for the gear!

Not a bad set of runs at all! I also got 13 other Hoarfrost blades, and another 2 Houyi's gorgets. Good times.

Speaking of gear...

Thanks to Rebme and my JP friend Voke, this Shinryu was a hilariously close fight! The proc ended up being staff, and after Shinryu ate both me and Voke for breakfast, Rebme ran in on her WHM and beat this helm right off its head.

Random Abyssea farming and some neat tanking from Sirenne's THF netted me a delicious earring for DRK.

PUP Empyrean+2 done! Now just to get Kenkonken from the Golden Gobbiebag Giveaway!



Does this look familiar? Probably not. I don't know anyone else who was bored enough to do the Promyvion map quests!

I did Dem years before I took a break, and now, after about 1-2 days of camping the NMs on and off, and going 1/1 on every drop aside from Mea...

...I now have every single map in the game! Yet I will always get lost in the Elshimo Lowlands.


Earlier I mentioned capping skills. Well, yep, that is pretty much what I have been doing!

I can almost reach 500 Dark Magic Skill! Just gotta get a few things from Legion and...well...actually, no. No, fuck Legion.

Great Sword, also capped, and yes, Resolution 5/5 is the best Weaponskill ever.

E100's delicious capped skills. Check 'em out!

Phew, that was a load off my mind. In addition to all of these, I have also capped the following magic skills up to 49; Divine, Enhancing, Healing, Blue, Summoning, Singing, String, Wind. It was a lot of work, but fun as hell! I just need to work on my other weapon skills such as Staff, Sword, and Dagger and of course, Shield. As for Guard? Heh. One step at a time, eh?

And lastly, time for some funny stuff! You know you love it.


Oh my godness, put them inside me, my princess.

A flying bunny.

Why is it always me that gets turned into a frog? This reminds me of the hell that was Early Morning Salvage with Aeyze and Zidiane...

Readers, I love you guys. Never stop sending me these tells, they really make my day.

Oh, and lastly, Rebme changed her name. /sea all Rebmeygerard.

Okay, that's all for June, sorry it was late, and see you again soon!