Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fellowship of the Vimechue

V-Vimechue! I haven't seen you in y-years! When, uh, when was the last time we, um, chatted? Perhaps, 3? 4 years ago? 

G-good times right? Y-you were what, level 55? Always m-m-missing the enemy and running outta, um, MP real fast, r-remember?

What's that? Y-you want to fight me? You want to show me your t-true strength...?! You got s-s-stronger while I was away?!

Bring it on!

So I have been levelling up my adventuring fellow Vimechue, the overly concerned and sisterly-like Elvaan. I took her from level 55 to 75 in about a week, saving all my points to manually upgrade her gear. Check it out!

A great place to start was in Cape Terrigan. After coming here for Apocalypse trials I knew the area like the back of my hand. Not like it's a challenge being one big patch of sand wiht a few rocks in it and all.

At 63ish we moved to the Bohyada Tree, and I went into autopilot killing everything in sight while I watched Breaking Bad. This is always an amazing place to farm moss and elemental stones which sell incredibly fast on the AH! By now I had achieved my goal of giving Vimechue a complete makeover, minus some trousers.

Trousers are overrated.

Our last port of call, during the grind from level 70 to 75, was Moon! Oh the memories. This is where Jkun hit 75 too, on a golem! Past the Moongate is a great place to exp, even if you end up getting aggro most of the time. This is how Vimechue looks now, donning an adorable little Bison Jacket and a spade, because spades, like bow ties, are cool.

There's no new upgrades or items past level 75 so I never bothered taking her further, despite having a ton of points left over, and maximum fellowship bond. She hits pretty damn well on Fierce Attacker mode, and with her trusty shovel, which is actually a staff, we can make some nifty skillchains!

So yes, here's Vimechue. Say hello!

Look forward to the next update!