Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Into the Blue

I haven't updated in weeks! Mainly because nothing interesting has been happening...! Also here, have a pic of Jkun and E100 that I put together yesterday.

Anyway, the last 2-3 weeks of FFXI have been spent skilling up...


For example, going back to old level 49 subjobs and recapping all their magic, weapons, and yes, even things such as Throwing and Shield. I have also completed those mundane trial Weapon Skill quests such as Steel Cyclone, Decimation, and Savage Blade. It's been quite a challenge, but I almost have every skill capped at level 99 for both DRK and PUP.

Apart from Guard and Parrying. Heh, those will take years.

...Or will they?

Today was the July 2012 Version Update! This update allows players to skill up both Guard and Parry without the actions taking place, kind of like how Evasion skills up, ie; really fucking fast.

There have been reports of Monks and Puppetmasters capping Guard in just 2-3 hours by supertanking Mandragoras in Abyssea. I can't wait to try it out after work! My Guard has been in the hundreds for years!

This means on both DRK and PUP, regardless of subjobs, everything will be capped and I will be content.

In one or two weeks there should be a flurry of screenshots here on the blog with loads of blue text, so look forward to it! I know I will!