Friday, 17 August 2012

A Crystalline Kupo D'Ascension

I finally bought and completed the three mini-expansions; A Crystalline Prophecy, A Moogle Kupo D'Etat, and A Shantotto Ascension! The majority of them were completely soloable, and with some help on a couple of BCNMs, hardly a challenge at all.

Spoilers below! If you haven't completed these scenarios yet and don't wanna know what happens, stop reading! If you don't give a shit, well, go ahead.

Okay so my previous entry was a lie. In A Crystalline Prophecy, it really all began with one stone. This particular stone, forgot a pretty important verse of a certain song, which just so happens to bring around the end of the world.

Talk about a shitty day, huh, Aldo?

Smacking around some Seed enemies on PUP solo, this was a close fight, mainly because I forgot to sub /DNC and went in there with /BLM. Woops.

Suddenly, the final boss! Why? Because the rest of the expansion is a complete waste of time. Stand back Aldo, this crystal is prey to my sexy, shaved legs.

Actually, this is how it went down. With Rebme on BST, Falcorr and E100 smacked the crystal into shards while we had a nice, relaxing cup of tea.

I kinda gleamed when I saw this scene. IT'S THE SAME AS THE OPENING YOU GUYS, the opening I first saw about 8 years ago, goddamn. Still don't get what happened to Emilin though, whatever.


Man, I really didn't enjoy A Moogle Kupo D'Etat. At all. Even more running around bullshit than the first mini-expansion, and boring BCNMs to boot. I think I am the only player who dislikes Moogles, too.

The final boss was kinda cool, though. Rebme thought she could solo it and told me to stand back. Welp, she was wrong. At least now I know I can complete the whole Xarcabard gauntlet bullshit quests in 30 mins, aha.

A Shantotto Ascension was probably my favourite mini-expansion. I love storylines with quirky Tarutaru characters and the "Good" Shantotto's character animations were adorable as shit.

Whose scythe is better now, huh Doctor?!

Once again with my crazy Critical Hit screenshots, I mean seriously.

Oh, okay. Now what? Wait, there's still one Tarutaru left, let's go get him!


And in the red corner, weighing in a 600,000 ponzes, an evil Shantotto, hell-bent on turning the world into her own form!

And in the blue corner, weighing in a 600,023 ponzes, the real Shantotto, hell-bent on kicking her doppleganger's ass!

Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rrrrrrumble! The real Shantotto is off to a good start, twirling around her doppleganger, Bowser-style!

The doppleganger is back on her feet, striking her adversary in the gut with a mach punch!

But not so fast! The real Shantotto replies with an earth-crushing bitchslap!

After a slight flinch, the two Shantottos grapple in a test of power, before charging up their final, desperate blow...!

...And there is it! Both Shantottos delivery a sun-bursting right hook! The doppleganger falls as the real Shantotto takes the belt once again!

As a whole, the mini-expansions were entertaining, but boring. I had a few chuckles, but all the running around and gathering sidequests were just a mindless borefest. Then again, without those, it would just be battle after battle, right? Speaking of which, the difficulty curve from quests to BCNMs was absurd, especially with ACP unless you use the pet solo method. Still, at least the rewards are worth it, right?

E100 is going to love me for these. I now have an almost perfect Automaton gear set using these pieces, coupled with my current Cirque equipment, has given E100 a slight boost when it comes to pet soloing. You can check out the gearset here if you are interested or have any critique!

See you next time!