Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Costume Train

Right, while waiting on this guy or this guy to pop, I've decided to make a blog entry. So, Let's shave those legs and start off with some summerfest!

Oddly enough, I somehow managed to take this exact same screenshot four years ago...


Moving on, I tried out some new things! Like the new Limbus areas with a pickup Japanese group. With 6 people, yours truly included, the new Arch Omega was promptly dismantled, and I walked away unscathed, with some trophies to boot!

A while ago, I defeated all the Prime Avatars for my Summoner, which somehow got to level 63... No idea how that happened. Anyway!

DRK/WHM solo against Fenrir! It was a pretty epic fight! I do love a good challenge. Speaking of challenges...

Remember this guy chick? I bumped into her on the way to Shiva. Man, the memories! The nostalgia! The stench of her breath! It was glorious.

Oh and here is Titan punching me in the face grabbing my ass.

Back to Voidwatch, Aht Urhgan path complete! All that's left is Zilart! Morta was super fun, and even dropped one of her bodies! Shame the designs of them are just rehashes.

Oh, and, still on the subject of Voidwatch...

New Catastrophe feet from everyone's favourite frock-wearing Catuar, Pil! I put off fighting him on the off-chance I won Toki's Harness from the Golden Gobbiebag Giveaway but alas, time to use my huge stack of Voidstones!

In addition to all the rambling I did about capping my skills from the last couple of updates, I also got some new Weaponskills like Savage Blade and Decimation. While the NMs for these quests were a complete joke, other parts were not...

Not in a difficult way, just a tedious, obnoxious, tear-enducing borefest of prerequisites like opening the Altepa Gate solo. God damnit I hope I don't have to do this again.

Little did I know back then that 90% of the new Mini-Expansions are also tedious, obnoxious, tear-enducing borefests, but that is a story for another day, hey?

This is the last time I will talk about skilling up (for now), but god damn, look at that. Before July's update, anyone would cream themselves at those numbers. Totally insane.

Me and E100 killing off our last Mandragora after Guard hit it's cap. I always seem to take screenshots right as I hit something with a Critical. Weird.

In closing, here are me and some JP friends making a big costume train. The story went something like; an old man wanted to eat my Mandragora's tangerine, but a Crab was in the way. So, while trying to cast sleep on it, he was aggrod by a Snoll, which a Goblin was chasing, thinking it could beat CoP by defeating it, and another Goblin on a Chocobo was chasing behind, telling him that it's never gonna happen as he's targetting the wrong Snoll.

Japan, stay classy. See you next time!