Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Verethragna 85!

Oh boy, do I like the look of this! Although farming Ulhuadshi took a quarter of the time it took to farm Chloris, me and Rebme also completed her Ukonvasara at the same time since they were in the same zone, so  the whole "farming session" felt longer than it actually was!

Why yes, I have!

Victory Smite and stage 85 Verethragna complete! What's next? 75 Dragua scales?



Well then, that'll be fun. R-right guys?

See you next update!

Thursday, 18 October 2012






Friday, 12 October 2012

The Return of Chests

Jesterkun! Original character, do not steal.

These past two months have been incredibly slow and boring. All I've been doing is farming chests in Abyssea, completing the stage 80 Verethragna, and skilling up Synergy. That's it, and you don't wanna read about any of that boring shit, do you?

Fuck, really? There's much more interesting stuff to read about, y'know.

Fine, let's get this over with.

If you have read my previous entry about chests or caskets or whatever the fuck they are, these boxes are the bane of my existence. Despite being easier to open within Abyssea, it doesn't change the fact that I am still incredibly unlucky with what is inside them.

I have been hunting down Dark Rings and the Treasure Hunter+1 Tarutaru Sash on and off for about 3 months now. I have tried many different tactics such as changing my light potency, ranging from maximum Amber to barely any Amber and increasing it by 20 or 30 notches each time. Capping and not capping Azure, going on different jobs, you name it. Nothing makes these items drop. Once I have a solid number of lights, I spend hours, literally a whole evening, worth of time farming and get nothing to show for it. 

The amount of time I have seen the other items (Wivre Hairpin, Jeweled Collar, etc.) drop is incredible, alongside Key Items for popping larger NMs, but never the two items I am looking for. 

I guess, like 99% of the game, it is all luck based, but it's incredibly odd that I have yet to see one Tarutaru Sash drop from these chests in 3 months. God damnit.

So I gave up. For now at least. Instead, I went ahead and completed every single Abyssea quest and have started farming every single Atma with Rebme. This is going to take a long time, but hey, it's a hell of a lot more fun than farming fucking chests that's for sure.

Speaking of completing stuff, I took down Uptala, not for gear, but just to be one step closer to defeating every Voidwatch NM. You're next, Aello. You're next.

Speaking of NMs, Rebme has been trying to get the big three BLU spells from the ToAU HNMs. Nothing a little romp in the forest on PUP can't handle. It's a damn shame she never learns them because getting these NMs to be up and wandering around is pretty rare.

Also, this big black blob is Khimaira, by the way. E100 casted Blind on him and he just kinda...turned black. Not that I am against black NMs, since I am not racist. At all.

Tiny little ToAU HNMs aside, I never thought I would get to see, or heck, even get to battle this guy, the big, bad Pandemonium Warden, keeper of the gates of hell.

My JP friend was trying to complete his Mythic upgrade and shouted for people to help. Myself? I just wanted to put a scythe through this guy's neck, that's all. Even since the shape-shifting, alliance-killing Pandemonium Warden surfaced all those years ago I have always wanted to fight him, and now I finally did - three times to be exact!

And what do you know, my friend was even kind enough to give me a trophy for my help - a piece of gear I never thought would ever grace my inventory:

They are happily equipped to my mannequin as a reminder that I have achieved something that I once thought was impossible. This is one of those little achievements that I love so much.

But it doesn't stop there. After all these years, me and Rebme decided to take on the big cheese of Dynamis - Diabolos - and complete this event once and for all. Every Linkshell I ever joined, and every attempt we tried, we failed to kill him. Now, as a BLU, PUP and Automaton trio, we managed to take him down.

We got very unlucky and had a few close calls by getting Diamond to spawn the first two times, but on our third attempt with Spade, we managed to stunlock him into place and avoided getting overwhelmed by all the crazy stuff he was capable of.

Finally! Oh, and I completed the trial for my Pantin Taj +2 while I was at it:

That's not the only PUPgrade I have received lately, either! I spent a couple of days (y know, with my kind of luck and all) camping Okyupete, who finally put out after 12 kills.

Great idle piece for Valoredge when he's doing all the tanking, and stacks with the mini-expansion gear, too!

That stupid big Salvage turtle finally put out after 15 runs! Me and Rebme have also been duoing Salvage  recently, but took a break to finish our Empyrean weapons. I can't wait to get back into the ruins and finish off some sets - plus we make a ton of gil from selling Alexandrite after every run, too!

Salvage is so much more fun when you only need to distribute cells between 2-3 people while having fun listening to Muse over Skype and intentionally pulling the gear train every single run in hope that you MPK your partner. Good times.

Lastly, I finally disbanded the Nyzul Isle Uncharted group I started 2 months ago due to 2 EU people, Rebme included, who had to stay up until 4am to finish our runs. That and our 6th member was always constantly being replaced by randoms, other members screwing up lamp floors, and luck just not being on our side at all. I occasionally run with my JP friends now, but it's still the same, shitty, unlucky event it always was.

More updates soon! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Long Trek III

Remember this entry? Well those dusty Mantis sainti finally got a makeover as me and Rebme spent our week off work blasting through the first stage of our Empyrean H2H and Great Axe!

Taking out the trash, or in other words Chloris! One of the most infuriating parts of Chloris and Glavoid - the sandworm needed for Rebme's great axe - are not the NMs themselves, but the amount of NMs you have to kill beforehand in order to pop them! 

We decided to go against the chest burning route because of how timezones work. I would farm the lower tier NMs on DRK/THF then pair up with Rebme's NIN to take care of the rest. Eventually we got efficient enough to farm 3 Glavoid sets and 3 Chloris sets in under 3 hours! 

Which means there was always a time for a quick nap, like this. Zzz...

Much like the time I got Apocalypse (which was what, like, a few months ago?) I was looking forward to taking a screenshot like the one above. God damn it felt good to get rid of all those buds.

And there we go! Congrats and thanks to Rebme, and a big thanks to everyone who helped!

See you at level 85, but first, I think a little break from Abyssea and a well deserved breather is in order.

o fenrir

I am gonna update one day I swear.

Solo'd all my WoTG Nation quests and stuff. Tons of pics and spoilers to come.