Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Long Trek III

Remember this entry? Well those dusty Mantis sainti finally got a makeover as me and Rebme spent our week off work blasting through the first stage of our Empyrean H2H and Great Axe!

Taking out the trash, or in other words Chloris! One of the most infuriating parts of Chloris and Glavoid - the sandworm needed for Rebme's great axe - are not the NMs themselves, but the amount of NMs you have to kill beforehand in order to pop them! 

We decided to go against the chest burning route because of how timezones work. I would farm the lower tier NMs on DRK/THF then pair up with Rebme's NIN to take care of the rest. Eventually we got efficient enough to farm 3 Glavoid sets and 3 Chloris sets in under 3 hours! 

Which means there was always a time for a quick nap, like this. Zzz...

Much like the time I got Apocalypse (which was what, like, a few months ago?) I was looking forward to taking a screenshot like the one above. God damn it felt good to get rid of all those buds.

And there we go! Congrats and thanks to Rebme, and a big thanks to everyone who helped!

See you at level 85, but first, I think a little break from Abyssea and a well deserved breather is in order.