Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Leaving a Footprint

Last month I took Jkun back to the past, to play some shitty game that sucks ass. Here's what happened!

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Bastok & Windurst's WoTG Questlines!

Let's start with Bastok! This is the point where Bastok's questline went from "Boring shitty politics" to "Whoa neat!"

...and this is a penis!

Then, it kept getting even more epic! My first job to 75 was DRK, so I always treated Zeid like Jkun's father figure. Someone with great, skillful experience at killing and understanding the ways of the Dark Knight. Learning all about his back story was incredibly touching and exciting!

I mean really exciting! So much it even made my heart stop. Kind of like this.

Man, what is with Klara pointing her sword at things?

Oh, sorry, did I say Klara? I meant this guy. Spoilers, you were warned!

I solo'd all of the Bastok quests on DRK safe for the last two fights becasue I wanted to two-box Zophar, me and Rebme's little WHM bucket, as he also needed the clears! Trying to navigate Castle Zvahl on two characters and figuring out which one of the 4 imps were telling the truth in "The Truth Lies Hid" was a giant pain the ass.

Now, moving onto the Windurst questline, and introducing the best Mithra in the whole storyline! I forgot her name though. Oops.

And heeeeeere's Fenrir! Shit is going down!

...but not before Jkun and E100 have a go at Tzee Xicu, first! I brought Zophar along too for the clear! I'm that nice.

So glad I took RNG to 75 before doing this - now the AF storyline revolving around Perih Vashai makes so much sense!


Oh yeah then there's this guy, Lehko Habhoka. I never really cared much for him but I heard female players got crazy wet for him.

I guess he is kind of dandy but nothing I would touch myself over.

Done! Also, achievement unlocked! Apparently completing all 3 nations was also an Xbox 360 Achievement.


Saturday, 10 November 2012


Pil! After about 50 kills in sets of 6x3, something magical happened!

I know a lot of people that are on 500+ kills with no drops, my heart goes out to you. Considering my luck in this game is usually dreadful, I was quite surprised. Then again, this isn't the first time Voidwatch has been generous!

So long, Pil!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Pew pew!

Another trip to everyone's favourite skillup spot! A handful of arrows, bolts, and nasty worms later, it's time to head home. Having all skills capped at 75 already helped immensely, though. So long, worms - for now!

Also, can you believe all my gear is still level 75? Crazy, I tell you, Crazy! Looks like from now on it's time to gear up RNG again!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Out of Date?!

I have a handful of screenshots dating back to August that I completely forgot to upload! Prepare yourself as we go BACK IN TIME! Time! Time!

Rebme put together two Kirin sets in order to snag a pair of Crimson Cuisses for BLU. We trio'd both Kirins, and two Abjurations managed to drop - finally! While I didn't farm near as much as Rebme did, she was kind enough to let me lot the second, and now my DRK can traverse just as fast as my PUP. Thanks!

I never thought I would see this in my inventory, let alone actually get to tank Byakko. From back in the day of 18-man Sky alliances until now, I was strictly a DRK and PUP only type of guy. Now that Sky is just a children's playpen, I wanted to lot on them. For old's time's sake.

Crafting! I got Synergy to level 60 through "intentional break" nugget recipes, and also completed my Leathercrafting sub. For now, I want to get everything to at least 60 before attempting Woodworking to 110, then get the next 10 levels on all my subs, which will be one heck of a challenge...! How far are SE going to even expand crafts? Until we all have no more gil?!

I also took up fishing, very casually. I am trying to quest Lu Shang's. Looks like selling Moat Carp and buying the rod will be just as difficult and time consuming as questing it! At least I get skillups on the way there, too! Currently level 15!

Check THIS shit out! I actually managed to get this quest done. You know this one? The one where you have to gather 5 other people of the same ration, then same race? Well, in a world where nobody cares about low level spells like these, or would join a shout if nothing was in it for them, this was a difficult task to accomplish, but thanks to a little group that were seeking assistance - and just happened to be San D'orian Elvaan - I was happy to oblige! Now my little level 49 BRD has every spell!

Thanks all for now! Expect another update soon!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Delver of the Depths 2

You didn't think I forgot about my poor little PUP, did you?

Done with Nyzul Isle Uncharted, for now! Thanks to both Japanese groups that helped!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Delver of the Depths 1

Okay, so this just happened. Quite a few times, infact.

After disbanding the Nyzul Isle Uncharted static I created using some methods from Japanese players (Constant flee speed by switching through 12~ pairs of Powder Boots, 4x DD and 2 SCH, etc.), I decided to join random Japanese shouts during the week. There are 2 "main" groups that I go with, and each one has a static of 3 members plus 3 pickups. As far as I can tell, they play 100% legit yet further prove that there is such a thing as a "JP button".

I've been learning a lot from how each group plays, and they are pretty much set in their ways as both groups use the exact same tactics. Here's a few pointers I picked up;

  • SCH always enters the battlefield first, allowing melee to grab Temps from the chest a little bit faster.
  • SCH x2, DRK/WAR x2, DRK/SAM x2 - The DRKs subbing WAR can provoke gears and take care of stunning bosses, like Chariots and Soulflayers, while the DRKs subbing SAM focus on full damage output with Hasso, which lengthens Stun's recast. DRKs subbing WAR can also further slightly increase this damage output with Warcry, using it in turns at the start of some floors.
  • All DRKs must have a Great Sword and Resolution Lv. 5.
  • On a "Same Time" lamp floor, after finding 3 lamps and spotting a 4th, instantly switch them on. If there is 4, you will know straight away, if not, you have a little bit of leftover time to quickly find the 5th, as any lamps near starting point will be maintained by SCH.
  • On an "Order" lamp floor, stating you spotted a lamp in party chat, then hitting it and typing which order you hit in in, for example, "@1". The leader, usually a SCH, counts how many lamps there are and determines orders. Like before, all lamps near the start are maintained by SCH, as DRK with Powder Boots can spot lamps faster. All aggro is dealt with by DRK as they can all cast Sleep.

Out of all the runs we had, the most memorable one was getting Phorcys Mitts with literally 5 seconds before getting ejected. The worst run was when we jumped 23 floors that increased by 2-3 floors each time. It was terrible. In comparison, we also had a run where we exited with 5 minutes to spare, and only jumped 16 floors. JP Button? You bet.

Personally, Nyzul Isle Uncharted is incredibly exciting, I really enjoy it. However, it's just so sad to see many other jobs and players suffer because of how incredibly luck-based and restrictive the event is. Like most aspects of Japanese culture, "don't fix what isn't broken" is a phrase that applies well to this event. In the eyes of these Japanese players, the event isn't broken, because they have found a way to method to constantly and legitimately beat it, and will continue to use that method until it gets patched, or until, as they say, have "graduated" from the event.

While I also can't wait to graduate from the event by obtaining all 15 pieces of equipment, I would still really like to keep doing it!

Thanks for reading.