Saturday, 3 November 2012

Delver of the Depths 1

Okay, so this just happened. Quite a few times, infact.

After disbanding the Nyzul Isle Uncharted static I created using some methods from Japanese players (Constant flee speed by switching through 12~ pairs of Powder Boots, 4x DD and 2 SCH, etc.), I decided to join random Japanese shouts during the week. There are 2 "main" groups that I go with, and each one has a static of 3 members plus 3 pickups. As far as I can tell, they play 100% legit yet further prove that there is such a thing as a "JP button".

I've been learning a lot from how each group plays, and they are pretty much set in their ways as both groups use the exact same tactics. Here's a few pointers I picked up;

  • SCH always enters the battlefield first, allowing melee to grab Temps from the chest a little bit faster.
  • SCH x2, DRK/WAR x2, DRK/SAM x2 - The DRKs subbing WAR can provoke gears and take care of stunning bosses, like Chariots and Soulflayers, while the DRKs subbing SAM focus on full damage output with Hasso, which lengthens Stun's recast. DRKs subbing WAR can also further slightly increase this damage output with Warcry, using it in turns at the start of some floors.
  • All DRKs must have a Great Sword and Resolution Lv. 5.
  • On a "Same Time" lamp floor, after finding 3 lamps and spotting a 4th, instantly switch them on. If there is 4, you will know straight away, if not, you have a little bit of leftover time to quickly find the 5th, as any lamps near starting point will be maintained by SCH.
  • On an "Order" lamp floor, stating you spotted a lamp in party chat, then hitting it and typing which order you hit in in, for example, "@1". The leader, usually a SCH, counts how many lamps there are and determines orders. Like before, all lamps near the start are maintained by SCH, as DRK with Powder Boots can spot lamps faster. All aggro is dealt with by DRK as they can all cast Sleep.

Out of all the runs we had, the most memorable one was getting Phorcys Mitts with literally 5 seconds before getting ejected. The worst run was when we jumped 23 floors that increased by 2-3 floors each time. It was terrible. In comparison, we also had a run where we exited with 5 minutes to spare, and only jumped 16 floors. JP Button? You bet.

Personally, Nyzul Isle Uncharted is incredibly exciting, I really enjoy it. However, it's just so sad to see many other jobs and players suffer because of how incredibly luck-based and restrictive the event is. Like most aspects of Japanese culture, "don't fix what isn't broken" is a phrase that applies well to this event. In the eyes of these Japanese players, the event isn't broken, because they have found a way to method to constantly and legitimately beat it, and will continue to use that method until it gets patched, or until, as they say, have "graduated" from the event.

While I also can't wait to graduate from the event by obtaining all 15 pieces of equipment, I would still really like to keep doing it!

Thanks for reading.