Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Leaving a Footprint

Last month I took Jkun back to the past, to play some shitty game that sucks ass. Here's what happened!

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Bastok & Windurst's WoTG Questlines!

Let's start with Bastok! This is the point where Bastok's questline went from "Boring shitty politics" to "Whoa neat!"

...and this is a penis!

Then, it kept getting even more epic! My first job to 75 was DRK, so I always treated Zeid like Jkun's father figure. Someone with great, skillful experience at killing and understanding the ways of the Dark Knight. Learning all about his back story was incredibly touching and exciting!

I mean really exciting! So much it even made my heart stop. Kind of like this.

Man, what is with Klara pointing her sword at things?

Oh, sorry, did I say Klara? I meant this guy. Spoilers, you were warned!

I solo'd all of the Bastok quests on DRK safe for the last two fights becasue I wanted to two-box Zophar, me and Rebme's little WHM bucket, as he also needed the clears! Trying to navigate Castle Zvahl on two characters and figuring out which one of the 4 imps were telling the truth in "The Truth Lies Hid" was a giant pain the ass.

Now, moving onto the Windurst questline, and introducing the best Mithra in the whole storyline! I forgot her name though. Oops.

And heeeeeere's Fenrir! Shit is going down!

...but not before Jkun and E100 have a go at Tzee Xicu, first! I brought Zophar along too for the clear! I'm that nice.

So glad I took RNG to 75 before doing this - now the AF storyline revolving around Perih Vashai makes so much sense!


Oh yeah then there's this guy, Lehko Habhoka. I never really cared much for him but I heard female players got crazy wet for him.

I guess he is kind of dandy but nothing I would touch myself over.

Done! Also, achievement unlocked! Apparently completing all 3 nations was also an Xbox 360 Achievement.