Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Out of Date?!

I have a handful of screenshots dating back to August that I completely forgot to upload! Prepare yourself as we go BACK IN TIME! Time! Time!

Rebme put together two Kirin sets in order to snag a pair of Crimson Cuisses for BLU. We trio'd both Kirins, and two Abjurations managed to drop - finally! While I didn't farm near as much as Rebme did, she was kind enough to let me lot the second, and now my DRK can traverse just as fast as my PUP. Thanks!

I never thought I would see this in my inventory, let alone actually get to tank Byakko. From back in the day of 18-man Sky alliances until now, I was strictly a DRK and PUP only type of guy. Now that Sky is just a children's playpen, I wanted to lot on them. For old's time's sake.

Crafting! I got Synergy to level 60 through "intentional break" nugget recipes, and also completed my Leathercrafting sub. For now, I want to get everything to at least 60 before attempting Woodworking to 110, then get the next 10 levels on all my subs, which will be one heck of a challenge...! How far are SE going to even expand crafts? Until we all have no more gil?!

I also took up fishing, very casually. I am trying to quest Lu Shang's. Looks like selling Moat Carp and buying the rod will be just as difficult and time consuming as questing it! At least I get skillups on the way there, too! Currently level 15!

Check THIS shit out! I actually managed to get this quest done. You know this one? The one where you have to gather 5 other people of the same ration, then same race? Well, in a world where nobody cares about low level spells like these, or would join a shout if nothing was in it for them, this was a difficult task to accomplish, but thanks to a little group that were seeking assistance - and just happened to be San D'orian Elvaan - I was happy to oblige! Now my little level 49 BRD has every spell!

Thanks all for now! Expect another update soon!