Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Delver of the Depths 3

Translation:「And with this...it's finished!!

I finally completed Nyzul Isle Uncharted last night, after an epic 21 floor climb and 30 second boss. This screenshot was taken seconds before we were kicked, and is the last time Jkun will be racing up to floor 100!

15/15! Now to level up a mage job to 99 I guess! Maybe I'll do WHM, make use of all that Elvaan MND, and put Rebme's mule Zophar out of business.

Speaking of which, from now on I will keep doing Nyzul Isle Uncharted on Rebme's character. I love the event, and the Japanese group I run with are also changing to their alternate characters for a second climb up to 15/15 before the update, or as they call it, a second "graduation ceremony"!

I believe that even with the update in sight (December), the event will still be doable using the tactics we deploy, and with the faster cool down on lamps, easier Astrarium requirements from floor 80, and potential 11-floor teleports, I might go as far to say it'll become slightly easier this time around!

Thanks to everyone who helped! See you next update!

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