Friday, 17 May 2013

Salvage Burrows

A few months ago, Rebme, Zophar and I made a pact.

Well, Zophar didn't really, because he's a tiny, mute cure bot with an obnoxiously slow idling Refresh set, but whatever.

We made a pact to complete Salvage. As in, complete it. 100%.

As of now we are only 10 pieces away from owning all five sets each. While I haven't turned in all the pieces (considering I don't even have jobs that can use certain sets, cough), here are some goodies!

Just missing the 25 head piece for full Ares!

Full Skadi!

Full Usukane!

I was so happy to finally get that body piece!

We have had a ton of fun doing this, and once we're done, we might pop on over to Salvage II and see how far we can get!

But that's not all! We've also been duoing our way through Meeble Burrows, recently completing all of Sauromuge's challenges up to Rank 3, and up to the final boss of Batallia Downs! Here are a few trophies!

Thanks for reading! More stuff to come in the future as I try to get all caught up!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Wrap it Up!

So, before I make a huge entry on all the new and exciting stuff I have been getting up to in Adoulin, let's wrap up some stuff I miss out over the last few months! That's right! Brace yourself for another blast to the past!

RNG Empyrean complete! It's a shame I'll never get to use it though! Well, maybe for Bounty Shot, I guess.

More mayhem in Abyssea!

So, oddly, PUP got access to Asuran Fists! Luckily I unlocked it beforehand on MNK when I hit 99. Below you can see it in action! Just look at it! Boy, does that bring back some memories!

Whoa! Look at that beautiful volcano! Have some more volcano porn:

Actually, this one isn't as exciting. Nevermind.

Before Adoulin came out, I went for a little adventure around Vanadiel unlocking waypoints, instead of copping out and buying them all for 1 million gil like Rebme did.*

This one in Riverne was in a place I had never been to before, it was beautiful!

I also fought a bunch of VNM I haven't even seen before. Like this dude, who actually managed to drop a ring for Rebme. Lucky her! Speaking of Rebme...

I don't get why all my visual effects turn everything green inside Nyzul Isle, it's really weird.

Last year when Rebme was on holiday I managed to grab a bunch of Nyzul Isle Uncharted gear for her. It's not like I had anything better to do or anything! Now we're both 15/15 and I finally remembered to go pick up my Atma. Horray!

Crafting! I now have all the items and Key Items for Woodworking, despite most of them being junk! Time to take it to 110! What a journey!

Oh wow! Now this brought back memories! Remember Fantoccini, the level 60 cap job clone ENM? I would constantly fight him when PUP had nothing but a handful of attachments and one set of AF, all for the sake of getting those rare attachments! Needless to say he was very difficult - a lot of the fight depended on which frame he would use, and the rolls of the die, but recently, I was wandering around and decided to kick his ass, making a nice little 100k gil out of it, too! Take that, Fanta!

I bought a lovely little FFXI 10th Anniversary artbook over here in Japan and got this lovely little in-game item with it! The book can be found here an is absolutely breathtaking to look at!

Speaking of free items, I sort of won something in the recent Mog Bonanza. I really wanted my last Black Belt item, but they aren't tradable between characters. Sadly, it was on another character that I won and ended up getting Jkun a little upgrade to his Dark Magic set with this. Still, at least I got something!

Speaking of free items, cough cough. Hahava only took about 4 trips to get the neck piece. Even less time than it took to get Toci's Harness from Pil! As for the crown, I got it on the first chest of my second trip. Crazy Voidwatch luck, but still, some other things just never, ever, ever drop. mirite, Gaunab?

Lastly, a shout out to some returning players; Momofei and Grumpycat! Momo, Reb and I are staticing SCH, GEO and RUN, and Grumpy sometimes pops down to Sea Serpent Grotto on his Samurai to lend a hand. It's been great fun leveling old school again, and I can't wait to take these new jobs further! Thanks, guys!

* It was my fault Rebme bought all those waypoints, but I will never admit this to her face.