Friday, 17 May 2013

Salvage Burrows

A few months ago, Rebme, Zophar and I made a pact.

Well, Zophar didn't really, because he's a tiny, mute cure bot with an obnoxiously slow idling Refresh set, but whatever.

We made a pact to complete Salvage. As in, complete it. 100%.

As of now we are only 10 pieces away from owning all five sets each. While I haven't turned in all the pieces (considering I don't even have jobs that can use certain sets, cough), here are some goodies!

Just missing the 25 head piece for full Ares!

Full Skadi!

Full Usukane!

I was so happy to finally get that body piece!

We have had a ton of fun doing this, and once we're done, we might pop on over to Salvage II and see how far we can get!

But that's not all! We've also been duoing our way through Meeble Burrows, recently completing all of Sauromuge's challenges up to Rank 3, and up to the final boss of Batallia Downs! Here are a few trophies!

Thanks for reading! More stuff to come in the future as I try to get all caught up!