Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Adventures in Adoulin 1

Commencing dump of long overdue Adoulin screenshots in 3...2....1...!

It all began with a sto- er, Waypoint.

A Waypoint that turned Jkun into a meteorite as he came crashing down into a new, uncharted world.

It was a pretty rough ride. But before long, someone came to my rescue!

Oh, hello there!

Apparently this spunky little girl told me it's not okay to harm the beasts that roam the forests surrounding Adoulin. Little did she know that would be all I would do as soon as she left. It's not like I'll bump into her again.

A little lecture later, all that was left between Jkun, E100 and the sacred city of Adoulin was a bunch of hills! A new adventure awaits!

As I walked into the city I was greeted by Rebme. Well, one of her many clones.

I spent the entire day exploring the city that it turned to night before I remember to take any photos!

Little did I know there was a whole new part of town just waiting for me at sunrise! But first, off to bed.

In a brand new Mog House!

At daybreak I set off to the castle!

It was a stunning sight. I wonder what new and exciting characters live in here?


Wait a second here.

You look familiar...

And a thousand times hotter! Meet Arciela, our new protagonist! After some formalities and a scrumptious dinner, a new adventure begins!