Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Adventures in Adoulin 2

We begin our little adventure outside Adoulin with one of these. A leafkin. Our relationship didn't last long.

Then, myself and E100 proceeded to head underground with a handful of active quests and a burning sense of adventure in our, uh, bod...framework...? How do Automatons work again?

But something else got there before us! Watch out, it'll Cure you to death!!

We returned to the surface, and something worse was waiting for us...

As the colonization rate rose higher and higher, new areas opened up before our very eyes.

This lead to new events, such as Reive, where handfuls of adventurers wail on brick walls or trees in order to clear a path through each area.

Clearing these Reives time after time again, allowed us to advance into the darkest corners of the currently known world and take on fearsome bosses during Wildskeeper Reives!

Clearing Wildskeeper Reives allowed us to delve into the deepest parts of Adoulin and take on even stronger enemies, and gave us access to the first of many to come treadmill equipment grinds in FFXI history. Let's take a peek:

First up, the legendary Alternator. On paper it gives all Automaton stats a whopping +70 attribute bonus, and much more thanks to the testing of a bunch of braniacs (myself included!) as we tried to knock out (get it?) exactly what it did. Other hidden traits include greatly enhanced evasion, accuracy, attack, and a staggering magic attack bonus +40 to your Automaton. Basically, Everything a career Puppetmaster has wanted for their Automaton in one, er, two little pieces of wood. Thanks, Square Enix!

Next up are two lovely little capes for PUP, one to enhance the incredible magic attack bonus from Alternator, and another for idling in!

Earlier I mentioned Wildskeeper Rieves, and I actually got a neat pair of Hand-to-Hand from the boss, which instantly replaced Verethragna of all the things. 

With the sour taste of weeks wasted farming Chloris still in my mouth, literally 20 hours later I obtained a pair of these baghnakhs, which replaced the Hand-to-Hand that replaced, well, you get it.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there, these can be further augmented with even more game-breaking stats, or replaced entirely with an even better drop from an even more difficult Delve NM.

So that's the treadmill thing I was talking about, basically.

Either way, a huge boost not only to PUP, but to DRK aswell, through an insanely overpowered Great Sword, and equipment that replaces Ace's gear and just possible Nyzul Isle Uncharted equipment. In a word, unbelievable. None of it is hard to obtain, either! Which probably means it'll all turn to junk in a few updates, and so on and so forth.

So, with this treadmill in mind, let's see if Jkun can keep his speed up and try not to fall off, eh?

Thanks for reading!