Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Packing it up

There's just two months to go until Final Fantasy XIV is released! Before I decide to abandon FFXI entirely, here are some little things I got up to over the last few months...

It's 8 years too late, but I levelled a mage job!

I...don't really have any good gear for it but shh, don't tell anyone. White Mage 99!

The incredible power of the Alternator allowed me to do something I wanted to do for ages: Pit E100 against Ob in a one-on-one battle! Zophar was the referee, and E100 clearly won. Ask him yourself.

I had so much fun with ob that I decided to continue soloing/duoing ZNMs.

I managed to solo an entire Hydra set, and with some help from Zophar, and entire Cerberus one, too. I'm almost done with Khimaira!

So then I wondered what else I could solo, and ended up obtaining pops for Omega II and Ultima II after clearning every Limbus area, with a little help on the basement runs.

To think this event used to take 12 people to clear it back in the day! I barely even engaged anything!

Now, for some depressing news. I have officially run out of Kindred Seals, after going 0/25 on my last Black Belt piece. On the last run I called upon the power of Rebme's Treasure Hunter and we decided to use all the Blue Pondweeds we got instead of selling them. On the very last one, we got an Aspid pop.

Rebme hammered it with Treasure Hunter until level 11. This was the best chance of getting that darn egg!

And after some incredible damage from E100...

Nothing. Nothing dropped. Not even a crystal. Jkun's luck has always been abysmal, but I just wish the game would stop teasing me. I'm already down, no need to keep kicking me!

Dynamis! There was a double experience points weekend a few weeks back, which meant finishing Relic+2 augment trails without wanting to blow my brains out!

Delicious 60 second Hundred Fists for Salvage II bosses, Delve, and more! 

All MNK and WHM skills are capped and complete!

Let's not forget about DRK! Earlier this year, Sylph reclaimed the Northlands in Campaign, and the Fiat Lux BCNM opened it's doors to the public once again. After 6 or 7 annoying trips between San D'oria [S] and the castle, I actually got something out of it!

The defeat of the Shadow Lord!

...and a very silly hat.

But the Shadow Lord fun doesn't end there! I joined a little Japanese LS that focuses on Delve and Arch Dynamis Lord, and we defeated him for the first time a few weeks back. I had only defeated the original Dynamis Lord once until now, so it was great fun!

With Absolute Virtue obliterated, Pandemonium Warden quelled, and now the Arch Dynamis Lord defeated, I feel I have achieved a lot of closure in FFXI over the last year or so since I came back. Sure, there's going to be tons more tough stuff being released, but the feeling of sweet success after years of sour defeat is a priceless memory.

This holds true for any veteran player. Sure, FFXI may have gotten "easier", especially by increasing the level cap and introducing loads of new groundbreaking equipment and weapons, but victory... something that will never be forgotten.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, big guy.

Thanks for reading!