Monday, 24 June 2013

RUNning Around

So, I have been running around on RUN recently with a little static of friends from home as we figure out how to play these new-fangled jobs.

We've been levelling old school, and using Fields of Valor and those lovely new 11th anniversary rings as a huge bonus in zipping through most of the mundane, grindy bits.

Rebme was on GEO, and Momo was on SCH. We're now past the half way mark to 75 by reaching 65(ish!) and want to take these to 99...

That is, unless FFXIV's looming release doesn't spirit us away from FFXI entirely.

I can't really comment on how RUN is at this level. It feels like a DRK subbing RDM with hardly any spells and an extra Weapon Skill in the shape of a Job Ability that deals seemingly unresistable damage on whatever we choose to fight. At least I have access to Spinning Slash, because boy, were those low level Great Sword Weapon Skills getting boring as fuck for the second time around.

RUN entirely useless as a magical tank on exp mobs, especially with nuke-happy friends, but I love the incredible evasion bonuses, access to light armour like Scorpion Harness, and some of the other Job Abilities that build upon its Evasion and Parrying.

Again, it's just a shame none of this is really...useful at this level. Oh well!

Just being with friends, kicking it back stress-free and old school, and not burning RUN straight to the level cap two days after release feels really great. I can't wait to see how it turns out at 99!