Friday, 26 June 2015

Turbo Charged Walkthrough - Arrapago Remnants II

Building a Mythic Weapon? Need some quick gil? We've got you covered.
This guide will quickly take you through optimal Alexandrite farming routes as a Puppetmaster, circa June 2015.

Setup & Requirements




Automaton (Stormwaker)

Recommended Attachments:
  • Eraser (Erase)
  • Damage Gauge (Prioritize Curing)
  • Resister (Resist Status Ailments)
  • Economizer (Convert Dark Maneuvers into MP)
  • Power Cooler (Reduce MP cost)
  • Optic Fiber


  • Unlock all available pathos from the Runic Lamp and head west into the first room.

  • Defeat Vultures to unlock Subjob, Head & Neck, Back & Waist.

  • Keep going west and defeat Merrow Kabukidancer / Lamia Dartist to unlock Job Abilities, Legs & Feet and Maximum HP.
  • If the first Merrow Kabukidancer doesn't unlock these, there's another along the northwest path!

  • Backtrack to the first room and head south. Defeat Leeches to unlock Subjob, Ranged & Ammo, Rings & Earrings.
  • Once Ranged & Ammo is unlocked, reactivate your Automaton to gain any bonuses from your Animator.

  • Keep heading south and defeat Merrow Shadowdancer or Lamia Dartist to unlock Job Abilities, Hands, and Maximum MP.
  • Double check your equipment (except body, unless you unlocked it from the starting lamp), HP, MP, and abilities are unlocked, then teleport to the next floor.

  • Skip Floor II

  • From the starting position in the centre of the map, head west.

  • Defeat Flytraps to unlock DEX, AGI and MND.
  • Backtrack to the start then keep going east.

  • In one of the three rooms on the east side is a single Acrolith. Each room is full of Qutrubs, so get your Automaton to pull it out of the room and defeat it in a corridor.
  • 10% drop rate of a Cotton Purse (5-20 Alexandrite).
  • Keep following the east path until you reach a large room to the north.

  • Only a single Lamia Fatedealer is needed to unlock CHR and VIT.
  • By using your Automaton to safely pull, defeat it far away from other Lamia to avoid linking, then open the door leading to the teleport.
  • Double check you have DEX, AGI, MND, CHR, and VIT unlocked, then teleport to the next floor.

  • From the starting position in the centre of the map, head west.

  • In a small room to the west are two Acrolith. Much like the previous Acrolith, each one has a 10% chance to drop a Cotton Purse (5-20 Alexandrite).
  • Defeating both Acrolith spawns an Acrolith (NM), which can also drop a Cotton Purse (5-20 Alexandrite) in addition to Salvage II equipment plans.
  • Once all three Acrolith are defeated, backtrack to the centre, head east then teleport to the next floor.

  • Follow the path west into the large room.

  • Defeat at least one Archaic Gear (single) to unlock body equipment unless it was unlocked from the starting lamp on Floor I.
  • Feel free to defeat more than one Archaic Gear if time allows, but the drop rate on Alexandrite from single gears without Treasure Hunter is incredibly low.
  • You can now apply a style lock/glamour via the /lockstyle on text command to avoid blinking!

  • In each corner of the large room is a dormant Archaic Rampart.

  • Attack the Archaic Rampart (do not use Weapon Skills) until it has enough TP to use the ability Reinforcements.
  • You may need to unequip your main weapon if you are ilvl 117+!

  • Reinforcements will spawn multiple Archaic Gears (triple), which drop at least one Alexandrite each, and unlock the final set of  STR, DEX and INT pathos from your character.
  • You will also gain a single Alexandrite after defeating the Archaic Rampart.

  • A quick method of defeating the Archaic Gears is to gather them up and use Spinning Attack.
  • Keep rotating Light/Dark Maneuvers and Deploy your Automaton on whichever set of gears you aren't currently attacking in order to keep it engaged for a steady supply of Cure IVs.

  • On the fourth and final set of Archaic Gears, save up 900-1000 TP on both the Master and Automaton, and make sure you have Haste II / Haste Samba active.
  • Double check all pathos have been unlocked, then teleport to the next floor.

  • As soon as you teleport up, turn around and search for Armored Chariot. It should be somewhere near the south.

  • Armored Chariot must be defeated within 3 minutes from the time of pulling to unlock the boss for this floor.
  • Stringing Pummel → Ventriloquy → Dragon Kick will create a Fragmentation Skillchain, allowing your Automaton to Magic Burst with Thunder IV.
  • Shijin Spiral → Ventriloquy → Stringing Pummel will create a Darkness Skillchain, allowing your automaton to Magic Burst with Blizzard IV.
  • Make sure you always have Haste II / Haste Samba active and you should be able to defeat it within 1-1:30 minutes no problem!

  • Before attempting the boss, take some time to defeat all the remaining Archaic Chariot on this floor.
  • There are also two hidden in each of the small rooms to the east and west.
  • Each Archaic Chariot can drop up to two Alexandrite, but one is always guaranteed.

  • If you managed to defeat Armored Chariot within 3 minutes, an Archaic Rampart will appear along the south wall.
  • Similar to the previous floor, attack it until it uses Reinforcements to spawn Khimaira.

  • Khimaira won't turn around if you attack from behind, so (literally) kick its butt by positioning yourself like the image above.
  • Attacking from behind also allows you to avoid one of its most dangerous moves, Fossilizing Breath.
  • Khimaria won't use any of its special moves until its HP is at 25%.
  • Rotate Light/Dark/Ice Maneuvers, and keep an eye on your Automaton's MP.
  • At ilvl 117+ this fight is incredibly easy. Most of Khimaira's physical attacks and weapon skills will miss you completely, even if your are stunned/terrorized. Don't be afraid to go all out!
  • Upon defeat, Khimaira is guaranteed to drop various Salvage II equipment and has a 10% chance to drop a Linen Pouch (50-99 Alexandrite).
  • After defeating Khimaira, head north then teleport to the next floor.

  • Head south to the large room where an Archaic Rampart will spawn Khrysokhimaira Elder before disappearing.

  • Upon defeat, Khrysokhimaira Elder is guaranteed to drop a Linen Pouch (50-99 Alexandrite) in addition to various Salvage II equipment.

  • Much like KhimairaKhrysokhimaira Elder won't turn around if you attack it from behind, allowing you to avoid Fossilizing Breath.
  • Unlike Khimaira, Khrysokhimaira Elder won't use any of its special moves until its HP is at 50%.
  • Again, rotate Light/Dark/Ice Maneuvers, and keep an eye on your Automaton's MP.
  • This fight is incredibly similar to the previous floor, but with much stronger physical attacks (if they manage to hit you).

Congratulations! You just cleared Arrapago Remnants II! On average, you can expect to obtain 125~ Alexandrite per run.

May lady luck be with you! Thanks for reading!